Address:Linhai Chemical Industry Park Yancheng Sheyang County
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About Us  
  Yancheng Heng Kun is located in the beautiful Yellow Sea, the home of red-crowned cranes - Sheyang, close to the North Jiangsu Plain, east of the Yellow Sea, west along Mountain Expressway, Beijing-Guangzhou high-speed Jing, Ning of salt high-speed, 204 National Road and the new long railway , 40 km north of Yancheng airport, and convenient transportation. Location, transportation is very convenient and fast. I was founded in 2007, our company is strong in technology, equipment, management practices, timely delivery, quality assurance.
  The company mainly produces formamidine acetate, and some pharmaceutical intermediates and pesticide intermediates and some fine chemicals, product marketing throughout the country and Japan, European and American markets, quality of products won customer recognition, and with many customers to establish a good relationship . customer satisfaction, as Hing corporate purpose. The implementation of pre-consultation, after-sale services. Accept the user's specific technical requirements.
   Heng Kun who uphold the principles of professional management, adhere to the road of brand development, focused on chemicals business, the pursuit of excellence and provide excellent service and sincere cooperation to forge ahead, and equal competition environment. Through continuous learning and constant innovation, expand the scale at the same time, improve product quality and service quality for customers and the community to create greater value.
  See today the sudden emergence of business, though highly competitive, the road twists and turns, but we firmly believe that as long as the respect for the objective economic laws, honest to the heart from people, our future will be more brilliant!
   Heng Kun sincerely welcome domestic and foreign manufacturers and traders to cooperate and build long-term stable business relations and common development! We sincerely hope that the majority of new and old customers come to visit our company and guidance.
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